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“Sometimes we fight for something only to discover that by the time we get it our goals have changed. For some, it’s too late. The lines have been drawn. And the
damage has been done. But other times you get the thing you always wanted. Only to find out it isn’t what you really need.

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Your name is scarred on my heart. Your name drifts in and out of my thoughts. It’s been years since I’ve seen you, I don’t miss you one bit but there are those nights when I sit and think how you will always be haunting my memories even when I’m done 

morning after

thoughts about the impermanence of a hook up written in permanent marker in the places he touched

 by Lindsay Bottos

This is our story

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With the way they stare at each other, you would think that they were in love. But they’re not. It’s exactly 
the opposite. He stares at her because he knows he has her, no matter what he says or what he does to her, 
he has her. And she stares at him and smiles because she’s in love, but her heart knows that he isn’t in 
love with her

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God only knows all the places I’ve been but I love this life that I’m living in. And I won’t look back to regret yesterday. We’re not handed tomorrow, so I’ll live for today.

Hahahahahah i want this!

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